Sunday, July 31, 2011

HoN, Mac and I


Refering to my post from the beginng of this month HoN is finally free to play.
Who would have expected that S2 Games won't increase their servers capacity? I guess everybody. Therefor the game is almost as unplayable as LoL a few weeks ago. When you finally get into a match, it's full of full retards failing beyond believe. In my first game ever today I played a 28-2 Fayde, followed by my second game righter after with a 35-3 Bloodhunter (not in my team). So, to cut a long story short: Screw this bullshit, I'll stick with LoL now untill DotA 2 comes out.


I've always been Apple-hater. I hate all those Apple hipsters and fanboys, queuing 12 hours for iPad and about 2 weeks later queuing again 24 hours for iPad 2, which has a better CPU and two cameras!!!!!
Typical conversation with my friends when they are dreaming about getting an iMac, iPhone, Mac Book air and what so ever:
"Why do you want a Mac?"
"Awww they look so awesome and Apple is sooo much better than M$ and I'm a huge faggot xDxDxD"
"Why is Apple so much better than Microsoft? What programs do you want to use? Because you won't play your games anymore."
Two weeks ago I sold my notebook to my sister. Last thursday, when my paycheck arrived and after hours spending on iPad, Mac and the WWDC 2011 stream and work, I thought to myself:
"Ok, whatever, let's get myself an iPad 2"
 After 3 days with my iPad 2 I'd like to review the following: It's better than any other tablet, Apple software and ideas realized in that software are at least two years away from Microsoft and Android.
There are great games and their Officeversion is fine too. It has instantly become my favorite peace of Hi-Fi I own and replaced any wish for a new notebook. Am I a huge faggot now too? :(


Ten weeks have passed since I started as apprentice on my new job earlier than planned. Last Friday was my last day as apprentice.
 On Monday the first of august my actual job training starts for the upcoming three years. After that time I will dare to call my self "Information Technology Officer" and my Boss already told me that he wants to keep me afterwards. Yay!

So three months of boredom end today. There was no boredom at all. Still I found great pleasure in writing my thoughts on this blog and I'd like to thank you for reading it so far and hope you will continue doing so for the upcoming

Three years of boredom
(with no boredom at all)


  1. mmm HoN goin free?...i guess they will have to deal with the same problems that LoL had at the start and keeps having gamers that dont know anything about the game and just ruin it..on this i think LoL has an advantage :) they've dealed with noobs from the start.

  2. Totally agree with you on the Apple bit. Shame that most of the fanboys have no justification in their purchase.

  3. i've got one idiot of a friend who's insisting that it's still worth buying a Mac despite wanting to buy games... he says he'll run an emulator to play them. xD
    Ahh, silly people. But no. You're not stopping. I like this blog :(

  4. i`ve only used Mac once in my life, i shouldnt judge just based on that but i didnt like it enough to try it more

  5. Woah man, you love Apple now. I'm not sure we can be friends anymore :(
    Just kidding, I hate people who jump on the bandwagon and have everything in their house made by Apple and even wear Apple t shirts. I have an iPhone but I don't understand why people get so polarized over it and think that one is far better than the other. They all have pros and cons and some are better suited to certain situations.
    That's how I see it anyway!

  6. I have been playing hon since early beta and all i can say is.... i hope that the rune system from lol is never imported, and hope they get enough money to solve some stability issues that have plagued the game for a while

  7. I hate apple and I hate the die-hard apple fans even more. I will admit, however, i feel like a douche taking out my normal laptop when everyone around me is working on a MacBook Pro. They are better at marketing than they are at making usefull products.

  8. Great news on the job, I hope you'll have a good time there. Three Years of Boredom lol.

  9. Can't wait too see Ipad 3 in 'Will it blend?'.