Saturday, August 13, 2011

App review: Teamspeak 3 & some paintings for your entertaiment

Yesterday I found something new on the apple appstore I've been looking for since my first windows mobile 6.5 and android divice:

A full working Teamspeak 3 app for iOS, made by the teamspeak crew themself.

I could hardly care less about the 3,99€ and instantly downloaded it like some small child waiting for christmas. When using the app you will notice pretty fast that this app is made by the same guys who made teamspeak for PC. It's design is well thought and arranged, it's fast and intuitively controllable. On good 3G or HSDPA mobile internet you can talk without any lags.

Life significantly improved.

Also, since I just raged on full retard lol players again, enjoy these comics if you like.
(open the full article to view them)


  1. oh fuck yes dude, I've been there too, waiting and waiting for someone to code a fan app :]

  2. We could play LoL together . What lvl are you?

  3. Comics don't work if you don't know LoL. I experienced that :P

  4. @blaack
    I'm lvl 30 ofc! :P
    Are you playing on US or EU west servers?

  5. Hell yeah LoL comics, I have loooads on my blogs if you wanna check them out sometime

    If you wanna do a game sometime I play both EU and US, just message me

  6. Those are great comics, so funny!

  7. Nice, I have ventrilo for my iphone, called "Ventafone". Great stuff.

    Funny comic btw :)

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