Friday, November 18, 2011

Exams, Battlefield: Minecraft and Minecraft

Minecraft 1.0.0 released. Oh you, notch!
My server is up to date and yet again the hint:
We are still looking for players!
Check my Minecraft page.

This is me
(realising that I have 5 exams ahead this month)
[indeed: bad excuse for a video post]

Battlefield: Minecraft
(Not sure if want...)

Minecraft 1.9 4 preview:
(Strongholds, fuck yeah. Also: Dragons, the end)

Play Minecraft SMP

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mass Effect 3 Gameplay

(Alternative title: "No really, just fuck you again, EA")

I... I tried really hard to like it. I fucking love the first one, had tons of fun with the second, although somehow less good game, I almost creamed my pants on the first ME3 trailer but this...

It's just... bad...

(Can't embed video since it's not listed, click it yourself lazy fools!)

So bioware has become so fucking incompetent they can't even make a coherent, unified game anymore?
They have to make "Modes"?

 - Hamburger Helper Mode where you watch the game play itself like it's a movie, really?

-  ACSHUN Mode where you press a button something awesome happens for the call of duty kids.

- And then as an afterthought they put in an "RPG" mode which will sit uncomfortably between the two like a thin man stuffed between two hambeasts on an airplane and even worse dialogues with even less influence on story and gameplay?

I'm not going to buy Mass Effect 3. This is the third preorder I cancled in the second half of this year.
Out of 5 games I was waiting for like a little child waits for christmas.

Destroyer of worlds.
Ender of all things good.