Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a small, yet entertaining post

While waiting for an idea to come up, something to write about, just take this and think about it. Made me rage pretty hard until I opened it in paint and compared both colors on a white background.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Epic Meal Time

Inspired by several mega-burger pictures I saw on TV, I just decided to make my very own, delicious mega-super burger. Ingredients and "cooking process" itself are both pretty easy: 500g Meat, 2x Salami Pizza, 2x Tomatos, One Onion, BBB-Bacon, Cheeese, Gerkins and of course: Beer.


Actually I did something wrong when I grilled the meat:
A real burger obviously does not include single pieces of meat scattered over the bread, but a complete - wait for it - burger. Anyway it really tasted (suprisinly) good and was totally worth it.
5€, 30 minutes, ~1900 kcal. Fuuuuuck yeah.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade air conditioner

Since I'm so damn tired of getting no sleep before midnight these days (and getting up 6 hours later), I investigated the interwebz and found what the topic says.

Basically it's just a fan, some liters of water which you can improve with ice and salt and some meters of copper and plastic. My idea is to use a pump from my old tank to transfer the hot water into a second can which can cool down over night and be used again on the following day. Setting up ~50 liters of water every day isn't really economic in any way and I think that's the idea of building your own ac ... Talking about that: Making sure that both cans are closed is important in my opinion, since a warm (or hot, in my case) room will likely evaporate all water and I have to refill it every day.

As soon as I find the time to get the missing materials I'll provide pictures of my construction, so long please feel pleased by a picture of my tank :3