Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deus EX: Human Revolution

Thoughts on the upcoming release of Deus Ex: Human Revolustion

I never played one of the two games, although many of my friends told me to at least play the very first Deus Ex, due to it's amazing replayabilty and different ways of playing through it - things which new games btw lag of for many years now. After watching this E3 trailer I suddenly became really interessted in the upcoming Deus Ex. I mean I do know that this is pre-redenred stuff, but it looks damn amazing. After the trauma named Duke Nukem Forever, which was super hyped and preordered by me, I decided to not preorder this game before watching some gameplay. I didn't want to get trapped by "good" marketing again. 

Now, that  I've watched several videos like this one to the right, I really got doubts about the games quallity. It just smells like yet another game, where the developers spent $ 2 mio on a good hollywood animation studio to produce an awesome trailer like the one on the left, to get more preorders and first day buyers, but than cut the costs of the actual game development by $ 20 mio. "nevermind, these retards will buy everything. Anyone else got that special feeling of yet another ruined former awesome game title?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battlefield 3: Caspian Border Gameplay Preview released.

Alternative Title: Dem Dockfights. Dat graphix. Dat Ambience.

Be right back, just changing my pants.

(I ran out of sperm, sorry babe)

When I clicked this I was like:

"uhm, oh, yeah, well, another BF3 video, it's been about time to release some new footage, let's check this"

119 seconds later:


(I hate EA)

I didn't play any Battlefield for more than five hours, I always was more the CoD guy. After the big disappointing which CoD: Black ops was and after watching this video, it looks like this will change.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

App review: Teamspeak 3 & some paintings for your entertaiment

Yesterday I found something new on the apple appstore I've been looking for since my first windows mobile 6.5 and android divice:

A full working Teamspeak 3 app for iOS, made by the teamspeak crew themself.

I could hardly care less about the 3,99€ and instantly downloaded it like some small child waiting for christmas. When using the app you will notice pretty fast that this app is made by the same guys who made teamspeak for PC. It's design is well thought and arranged, it's fast and intuitively controllable. On good 3G or HSDPA mobile internet you can talk without any lags.

Life significantly improved.

Also, since I just raged on full retard lol players again, enjoy these comics if you like.
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