Saturday, July 16, 2011

How the EU-Aidpackage is actually working

It's a cloudy day in a small Irish village, it's raining and all streets are as empty as my refrigerator.
Dark times and everyone is living in deep depts.
On this day a rich German tourist is driving through our Irish village and stops at a small hotel.
He is talking to the owner about looking at his rooms and maybe take one for the night.
After giving 100€ to the owner, our German tourist gets some keys and heads upstairs.

  • The hotel owner takes all the money and runs to his neighbor the butcher to repay him his depts.
  • The butcher takes the 100€ and walks down the street to repay the farmer
  • The farmer takes his money and repays the bartender for a couple of unpayed drinks
  • The bartender quietly pushes the banknote to a prostitute sitting at the bar. She had hard times too and she gave the bartender some "favors"
  • The whore runs to the hotel and pays her open bill for a room
  • The hotel owner puts the 100€ back to the counter

In that very moment our German tourist returns, takes his money and claims that he didn't like any room and that he's about to leave the village again.

Nobody produced anything.

Nobody earned anything.

All participants are free of their depts now and are looking way more optimistic into the future.
Now you know how the EU is helping Irland, Greece and co.


  1. But the hotel owner lost 100 euros, because the prostitute is staying in the hotel for free.

  2. She just stayed there for one night and payed for it, she's not living there >_>

  3. Interesting post thanks for making it!

  4. Very interesting post... Really got me thinking.

  5. thinking a lot, realy great post.

  6. Hehe, I'm living in Greece, and this is actually true. What seems to be help is actually a bigger burden.

  7. The German didn't like the hotel rooms. That's not his fault they weren't to his standard. If you can't draw them in, it's not their fault...
    It's less about how it's helping, it's about what's been done with it that's the cause for concern.

  8. I like how you used a german person hmmm i wonder what you meant by that hmmm :P

  9. I like how you explained it but the hotel dude still just lost 100 euros that he could have used for overheads.
    Poor Irish fella.