Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This and that...

My third week in my new job just started and I went from 16 hours a day to 3 hours a day I can spend my time on things to blog about. I lost two hours of sleep every day, too...
Still it feels daaaamn good man.

Also it's been a bit over 4 weeks now since I started my blog and even though I had spare time to blog in the past weeks, my blog just reached 20.000 visits - thank you guys!

In return I give you the ultimate way for infinite money.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back from Berlin

 I just came back from one of or maybe even the most amazing, entertaining and atmospheric event of my life.
In Berlin, where the "DFB Pokalfinale" took place this weekend, my hometown's soccerteam played again after 13 years of semi-interesting idling in the 2nd german soccerleague. 
To cut a long story short: It was my team, 2nd german Bundesliga, vs a team from the first Bundesliga. 

We just lost 0:5.

Still my team did a good job getting there, pwning two other 1st Bundesliga teams and it still was so damn worth all the money and the 16 hours to berlin and back. Pictures can't describe (not at all, but it's everything I've got to share) how awesome it was to stand between 75.000 people, almost half of them knowing and seeing we'll lose, but still singing and crying in their loudest tones with all their passion for our team and just having amazing ~90 minutes.

Also: My new job is awesome, but leaving my house at 06:56 am and coming back at 06:30 pm is pretty hard and leaves spare time for blogging ;_;

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Days Of Boredom

It looks like my three months of boredom will come to a way earlier end than expected.
My future boss just called me today and asked me if I'd like to start working in some kind of pre-intership until my actual job-training for the next three years starts in August the 1st (translating was damn hard here, I hope you don't get to confused ._.)
Is the pope catholic? Of course I accepted and can't wait to start next monday.
Now my plan to blog about the upcoming months of boredom obviously needs to be changed a bit. But I definitely know that this blog will go on and get a facelift to sth. like "three years of awesomeness".

Picture related: It's me right after I was called.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Well played Sony

My tl;dr version of the events so far:

  • More than two weeks ago PSN and SOE got hacked, nobody gets told, it's just a maintenance.
  • Four days later they admit they got hacked. And oh, we're talking about 77 mio + 25 mio Accounts containing E-Mails, passwords, addresses, creditcard information etc. nvm guys ^_^
  • USA congress writes a letter to Sony asking for some statement, the answer is a bad joke, trying to blame anonymous. Still no usefull information.
  • PSN should be online again on May the 3rd. That was 6 days ago, no information since that announcement. (Edit: see edit below!)

At first I was just really pissed that I bought the PS3 version of Portal 2 (awesome game, check my first blogentry) which comes with a Steamkey for the PC version which I really wanted to play in coop.
I can't even play the PS3 coop at the moment.
Now I'm more like "fuck you Sony. No really, please, just fuck you" and thinking about selling my PS3 for a Shitbox 360. I mean, seriously, is this their definition of quallity costumer service?
I hope that Sony suffers the biggest lost of finances and reputation they ever made.
The only company I'd like to see suffer more is Apple.

Any former PS3-bro feeling with me?

"The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged" (source)
Six weeks of no information politics to get their shit running again. Just... no comment.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Little Oasis

See the kids, influenced by badass boredom...
I just had the idea of getting my family and me a nice place to relax and improve the overall look of our garden.
After one day of hard work and some euros it's now finally done.
Just as I'm writing these lines I'm enjoying the sound of a small waterfall, the warm sun and some mediterranean view. Totally worth it.

I'm still thinking about a small area of pebbles around the water...
Any other critique or suggestions?

Monday, May 2, 2011

BBQ and other stuff

Just a tribute to the "great success" as it's called by the news all over the world:

  • Thousands of deads, billion dollars for war in afghanistan. No running health system in USA. Fuck yeah.
  • Stealing oil from every country they move to. Fuck yeah.
  • Declining Kyotoprotocol because it would affect US economy in a negative way. Nvm future. Fuck yeah.
  • Cry and freak out about pictures and videos of tortured US soldiers on islamic TV. Show dead prisoners and Bin Laden 24/7. Fuck yeah.
  • Show retarded marines on TV who call this shit a big victory and "USA ending what they start, I'm so proud right now for being Marine and American": Vietnam, fuck yeah. Iraq 1+2, fuck yeah. Hiroshima, fuck yeah. Not akward at all. Fuck yeah.
  • About 3000 people died on 9/11, followed by a shitstorm for the next 10 years. Fuck yeah
  • About 100000++ people in africa get raped, mutilated, murdred. No single fuck is given. Fuck yeah.
  • Whole country celebrates a headshot. Fuck yeah.

America, fuck yeah.

Picture unrelated: My first BBQ this year, fuck yeah.

Edit: Don't get me wrong: Another sick terrordude less is fine, but western worlds reaction is fucking akward imo. And who know's what their reaction will be...