Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 5 revealed

This evenings most important news for me first:

iOS 5 is going to be released on wednesday next week, 12th of october.

This is a great news for me as I had great doubts that it would be released this month or even next because of the still missing gold-beta for developers and absolutly no estimated time ahead from apple regarding its release. It's also the most important news for me, since the presentation and stats of the new iPhone are "slightly" disappointing to me. Since I won't switch to the new iPhone, which I wanted to, the iCloud is suddenly no longer that interesting to me, too.

iPhone 5 - or as it will be called: iPhone 4S:
The iPhone 4S will be, as expected, way faster than the iPhone 4, thanks to the A5 dualcoreprocessor which is already known from the iPad 2.
This boost in performance will be noticeable in games - I don't think it's that much needed for normal usage in smartphone at the moment to be honest.

Furthermore the camera received an update from former 5 megapixels to now 8 megapixels and is now capable of recording 1080p movies. The iPhone 4S antenna has been improved, too. Kind reminder on the iPhone 4 launch at Steve Jobs comment: "If you're experiencing problems witch your radio during calls, don't hold it the way you do."

With Samsungs lately released top smartphone the Galaxy S2 and my own, still awesome, HTC HD2 running ported Android in mind, I really have to say as already mentioned, there are no stunning news at all this evening and my euphoria of getting myself an iPhone 5 (4S) next to my iPad 2, which I bought after years of apple hating, has grounded again.
Last summers WWDC presentation has been way more impressive than this hyped "Let's talk iPhone" event.

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  1. You're damn right. The whole presentation lasted like an hour or so and all we got was already known stuff and some voice-controll-app google phones again had ages ago...

  2. The 4S was a pathetic attempt to bump things up to Android level. Apple may be losing it's way.

  3. Thats was obvious, that there wont be a Iphone 5. Anyway who needs such an fast phone? Im fine with my 3GS :)

  4. nahhh... im still a samsung galaxy fan :D