Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well Played EA

(Alternative title: "No really, just fuck you, EA")

First of all I have to admit that I pre-ordered Battlefield 3.
I canceled it after playing the open beta of BF3 and the big disappointment it was.
After hearing that it's single player is about 3 hours of  (maybe even intensive) gameplay and a multiplayer full of bugs, lags and missing big innovative changes to the past 2341089 Battlefield titles, I decided to not buy it at all and instead wait for Moden Samefare 3, which at least never disappointed me in atmospheric and longer singleplayer.

Now I've heard about some unbelievable facts about the TOS from EA's Steam-clone "Origin".

Check this quotation from the TOS you agree after spending 60€ on the described piece of scum and opening it, which means you can't even get your money back if you decline the TOS.

2. Consent to Collection and Use of Data.
You agree that EA may collect, use, store and transmit technical and related information that identifies your computer (including the Internet Protocol Address), operating system, Application usage (including but not limited to successful installation and/or removal), software, software usage and peripheral hardware, that may be gathered periodically to facilitate the provision of software updates, dynamically served content, product support and other services to you, including online services. EA may also use this information combined with personal information for marketing purposes and to improve our products and services. We may also share that data with our third party service providers in a form that does not personally identify you. IF YOU DO NOT WANT EA TO COLLECT, USE, STORE, TRANSMIT OR DISPLAY THE DATA DESCRIBED IN THIS SECTION, PLEASE DO NOT INSTALL OR USE THE APPLICATION. This and all other data provided to EA and/or collected by EA in connection with your installation and use of this Application is collected, used, stored and transmitted in accordance with EA's Privacy Policy located at To the extent that anything in this section conflicts with the terms of EA's Privacy Policy, the terms of the Privacy Policy shall control.

Basically Origin is a spyware tool which collects all data it wants to know about, even if its far beyond gaming and hardware.

So in other words: You're spreading your legs for EA's giant run-up taking Spywaredick and kindly ask it to do whatever it wants to do with you.


Makes it way easier for me to not buy yet again another EA game.
No problemo, more money for Modern Warefare 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim :)))


  1. Never liked EA and probably never will.

  2. Okay, so based of this I just shouldn't use the Internet. That's what you're saying, right?

    Oh, wait, you were directing it at a specific program which you bothered to read the ToS of, my bad. Better go uninstall Chrome, Firefox, IM programs, Office apps, and everything else while you're at it.

    I know! Stop using your computer! That would be even better!

    Seriously, just don't complain about this shit. Every program does it. Your post would be justified if you were complaining about the Battlelog, but you're not.