Monday, October 24, 2011

Minecraft again

(Alternative title: We want YOU!)

I'd like to advertise once again for my own minecraft server.

We - currently 3 reliable players - are looking for 3-6 more players who'd like to join us.
The server is set up to pure survival multiplayer.
We don't cheat and we don't use consolecommands. PvP is disabled.
All we've build so far has been a lot of work from two of us, so you'll find an almost untouched world with plenty of nice places where you can do your thing.
Your thing means that you can build anything anywhere you want, as long as you talked to other players before. 

If this is relevant to your interests, leave me a comment with your registered (legal only!) minecraft nick or PM me to get whitelisted.

The server is available @

So far we've got:

  • A large fortress which isn't anywhere near monster-free
  • A good working mobgrinder
  • 2 awesome houses of awesomeness
  • A netherportal
  • A couple of not completly discovered mineshafts/caves
  • Many more mineshafts/caves
  • A pretty nice world which gets even better outside of this map

For more screenshots click on comment or read more.

                           The Fortress

                            Our Nethergate 

                           Fortress Part 2

               Last Step Of The Mobgrinder

                                   Loot :3


  1. looks cool. is the server password protected?

  2. I'd like to try:

    BYoNexus - Ingame name

    I love playing survival, and am quite the architect as well :D

  3. @BYoNexus
    I will whitelist you in the upcoming two hours

    no password, just whitelist.

  4. Looks legit. [Dom9360]

  5. Oh, and, what texture pack are you using btw?

  6. You're both whitelisted. I'm currently online waiting for you :)
    It's LB Photorealism texturepack
    You can find it here:

  7. Hi..I would like to join the server.I find that I am an acceptable builder after playing since early alpha and am a well-experienced player....

    If you whitelist me my IGN is: AJ10

  8. a fortress will never be mon ster free!!.. you shoudl put up trnches fille with lava, 3 squares wide lure em in and let em fall TO THEIR DEATH MWAHWAHWAHWHAWH

  9. Yeah that looks so cash man, i´ll try it some other day man.

  10. Damn, I wish I had the time to make this stuff.

  11. Hey hey.
    MC username same as this.

    I hit you up with a PM on ce earlier but you're idle.
    Mah blarg linked to this google account is MC, check it out and give me feedback. Woop!