Friday, September 30, 2011

Minecraft Realism Mods

Hallo tharr!
As promised in my last post I'd like to introduce to you my modded minecraft.
It looks realistic at fuck.
Ok not really, but still far beyond what normal minecraft looks like and with some 2011 water shaders, high res textures and bumpmapping (coming soon) it at least looks like a game from 2011.

Although the videoquallity sucks (Sony Vegas 8 Trial can't even 720p, lol), it still gives a good impression of what is possible in minecraft. As soon as I get my bumpmapping mod to work with the other two, I'll update the post and video.

Installation is pretty easy and it's all explained in the links as well.

Used mods:
LB Photorealism x256
Watershader v4d

Download sources:

If you need any help installing them, feel free to ask for it in the comments.


  1. I wouldnt call that exactly realistic lol but it really improves 8bit look

  2. All my friends are into minecraft. I just cant bring myself to try it.

  3. I prefer the 8 bit feeling of minecraft.